10 noise cancelling headphones wireless to buy online

The Best Headphones with noise cancelling 

Over-the-ear headphones have always proved to be very popular, for that companies have started giving priority to its design. Now, considering the modern trend, these headphones have also adopted the wireless feature, due to which their demand increases even more.

In addition to better sound quality, in today’s time, increasing the user experience has also included the feature of noise-canceling. We use headphones only when we only have to enjoy music without listening to any external sound, so let’s look at some such headphones that give you better noise cancellation.

What is noise cancellation?

We can divide noise cancellation mainly in 2 things, first is active and second is passive.

  1. Active noise cancellation
  2. Passive noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation: When the headphone makes noise by itself according to Ambient Noise and eliminates the noise coming from outside, it is called active noise cancellation. For this special circuit and software customization is required so that the final output is obtained according to your choice.

Passive noise cancellation: On the other hand, if external sounds are stopped only by ear-cushions in headphones, it is called passive noise cancellation. This method proves to be much simpler and cheaper than Active Noise Cancellation as it does not require any kind of optimization or extra battery consumption.

In almost all headphones with active noise cancellation, you also get the facility of passive noise cancellation. Now that we will show a lot about noise cancellation, let’s take a look at some of the best headphones that will give you better design as well as better audio output.

The Best Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphone

  1. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetoooth Headset
  2. Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Headphone
  3. Microsoft Surface Headphone
  4. Sennheiser PXC 550 Bluetooth Headset
  5. Bose SoundLink Around the Ear II Bluetooth Headset
  6. Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Bluetooth Headset
  7. JBL Everest V700BT
  8. Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Headphone
  9. JBL E55BT Bluetooth Headset
  10. Sennheiser HD4.50BTNC

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetoooth Headset

The Quiet Comfort 35 offered by Bose can be said to be a much better Bluetooth headphone. In this, Alexa is also supported with built-in Google Assistant. In this headphone, you have the facility to control media by voice commands with the best quality noise-cancellation feature.

In these headphones you get a 3-level noise adjustment, which you can use according to your choice and need. This feature continuously measures the external noise and eliminates it from the opposing signal. The headphone gives you better audio output to any level of sound, hence the volume optimized equalizer is provided here. Quick charge support is also available with the headphone, which makes it chargeable to give 2.5 hours of backup in 15 minutes.

Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Headphone

This headphone paired by Sony is one of the best noise cancellation support headphones available in the outside. The Sense Engine in headphones gives you excellent sound output by adjusting the level of your cancellation by understanding the surrounding sounds. The 40mm driver here ensures that you get up to 40kHz of output with high-end quality. The headphone is designed in such a way that it is quite comfortable to use. On touching the ear-cup on the right side, you can use the voice assistant of your phone. Here, according to the claims of the headphone company, it is capable of providing 30 hours of battery backup after charging 5 hours.

Microsoft Surface Headphone

Microsoft is a new name in the wireless headphones segment. The company has given a lot of hard work and time to design its headphones which is also clearly visible as it is one of the best wireless headphones.

These headphones are quite light in weight and they have also been supported by Microsoft’s AI assistant Cortana. You can also do things like change the track and cut the call along with volume control using voice commands. Their most notable feature is the adjustable noise cancellation, with which you can hear as much external sound as you want to hear.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Bluetooth Headset


The wireless over-the-head headphones offered by Sennheiser are quite attractive in design and great sound quality. This headphone has been introduced with Sennheiser’s Noise-Guard feature in which it uses Hybrid Noise Canceling technology to provide a great audio experience to the user while avoiding external noise. These headphones also get power-on automatically by understanding your antics and similarly when you are not using them, they also stop singing by themselves. The company has claimed here that once full-charged, it is able to provide a backup of about 30 hours.

Bose Headphone SoundLink Around the Ear II Bluetooth Headset

Bose has always been at the forefront of audio devices. If you want a Bose headphone at a very affordable price that comes with noise cancellation support, then this headphone can be a good option. In Bose SoundLink you get a nice and strong design which can remain in use for a long time. This headphone has a different noise cancellation feature as it provides you with passive noise cancellation. It claims about 15 hours of battery backup on 3 hours of charging as claimed by the headphone company.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Bluetooth Headset

If you prefer the brand name at an affordable price, then this headphone can prove to be a very attractive option for you. Here too, you have been given the support of Noise-Guard, the noise cancellation technology of Sennheiser, which makes your music experience much better. It has been introduced in a much lighter weight as well as a folding design.

JBL Everest V700BT

The design of the JBL Everest V700BT is designed in such a way that your ears or neck are not disturbed even on the use of cocks. JBL’s exclusive NXTGen Active Noise Consulting technology gives you the option to control the external voice with just one button press. This TruNote technology itself gives you clear and good quality output, providing noise-cancellation to external noises. This headphone promises about 15 hours of battery backup with auto power-off feature.

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Headphone

The Sony WHCH700N has 40mm drivers that give you better audio output even if it bulges at a frequency with a better base. In the application of headphones, you are also given the facility of VPT technology, with which you can choose audio output according to outdoor, club or hall and arena. AI has also been used for noise cancellation in the WH-CH700N so that by adjusting the audio manually here, the user can be given an attractive experience.

JBL E55BT Bluetooth Headset

The design of the E55BT offered by JBL is one of its features. On seeing the design of the earcup, it is clearly visible that the ears have no care when using them.

The headphone cup fabric provides you with much better passive noise cancellation. It can be easily connected with more than one device with the help of multi-device connectivity. The company here claims that after charging for 2 hours, this headphone is capable of giving you 20 hours of audio output.

Sennheiser HD4.50BTNC

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BT NC Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (Black / Silver) with Active Noise Cancellation If you have a limited budget and want a headphone with active noise cancellation feature, then the Sennheiser HD4.50BTNC can be an attractive option. These over-the-ear headphones give you a good grip on the ear-cups, as well as hearing the audio for a long time, but there is no problem in the ears. Along with this, you get 25 hours of battery backup without Bluetooth and 19 hours with Bluetooth. These headphones are offered with a warranty of 2 years only.


Some excellent wireless headphones with noise cancellation
The wireless headphones mentioned above give you the support of the best noise cancellation available in the market for now. We will keep updating the list with other upcoming headphones in the coming time so that you can choose the headphones of your choice from around. Till then stay with us !!!

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