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Uttarakhand glacier latest news 2021

 Uttarakhand glacier latest news 2021

Uttarakhand glacier latest news 2021


In Uttarakhand Due to change of climate change glacier melt on Nanda Devi flooded the Rishiganga river in Uttarakhand washed at Least two hydroelectric power projects the 13.2 MW Rishiganga hydroelectric power project and the Tapovan Project on the Dhauliganga river, A dependence of the Alakananda.

There were also involved that the excess water would travel downstream to the water Alakanand and scare villages, as well as a hydro project on the river Due to this melt of glacial 14 people, lost their life & 148 employed at the NTPC plant and 32 at Rishiganga. Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat visited Chamoli district on Sunday. and said that the resource team was doing their best to save the life of the worker As well As villagers.

Mr. Rawat also declared₹ 4 lakh restitution for the family of those killed. An extra ₹ 2 lakh will be given from the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, with ₹ 50,000 for those with serious injuries.

Huge flash floods and landslides hit Uttarakhand’s Kedarnath in June 2013. Approx 5,700 people were killed in one of the country’s worst natural disasters since the 2004 tsunami. The floods also damaged parts of the famous Kedarnath temple, which is located 3,581 meters above sea level.

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