NameCheap Web Hosting Full Honest Review in 2021

Each penny has its two-side story.

NameCheap Hosting Review

NameCheap, a well-known domain registrar, also offers you a NameCheap web hosting service. From the year 2000 up till now, it had served around 11 million registered users and 10 million domains which signifies it as a budget hosting provider.

The most interesting thing which NameCheap Web Hosting Review reveals, most of the domain-registrar companies are mostly partners or resellers that work on behalf of the larger registrars such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and l&rl and NameCheap is also no different. They sell Domain Name on behalf of eNom.

And with that, if it provides you so many services at such an affordable price, it’s worth trusting.

NameCheap Hosting also provides an SSL certificate with privacy protection services which attracts every soul to pursue it though you’ll get this free only for an initial year.

But as fact, as it is, Not All That Glitters is Gold.


Is Namecheap hosting Good?

So, here is an honest  to avoid bragging the materialistic conclusion without coping up with its transparency.

Features to be considered while creating a new web host:

  • Privacy Protection is a must to secure our site from black-eyed hackers.
  • Speed Range should be of better for the visitors to deliver them valuable experience
  • Supportiveness should be high-rated. We can easily rely on the host to resolve when we get stuck on a path.

Namecheap: Prices, Plans & Features in 2020

 NameCheap Hosting Review For Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Stellar 20 GB Unlimited cPanel 3 $1.58 4.3 Details
Stellar Plus Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.68 4.8 Details
Stellar Business 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.80 4.1 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM   Price Score
Pulsar 40 GB 2 cores 2 GB   $8.88 5.3
Quasar 120 GB 4 cores 6 GB   $15.88 5.3


Pros and Cons of NameCheap Hosting

  • 100% uptime service:

Namecheap is also known for its uptime and easy service provider. It provides you the best and cheap services but only for an initial year. As for any start-ups and developing business, it’s like a boon to your website.

You’ll receive a 100% uptime service guarantee but most of the services are the only bond to its initial year. Then you have to pay for each of your requirements.

  • Free Domain with Easy to relocate service.

NameCheap is mainly famous for its free domains and cheap hosting facility. You’ll get free domains for your initial year and if you already have your domain and hosting somewhere else, then too you can easily migrate your website through NameCheap.

This platform provides you an exclusive facility of domains but its lack of hosting facility makes it down to the ground as it’s practically not as appealing as it shows. NameCheap also provides you free WhoisGuard subscription with every eligible domain registration or transfer. Though its also not for certain TLDs


  • 24/7 chat support service

At every troubleshoot, we tempt to get quick and reasonable guidance to rectify the errors we are facing, and resolve our problems as quickly as it can. NameCheap provides you the 24/7 live chat support services to lessen your worries and make it easy and understandable to use for your site.

Namecheap’s Support Is Available 24/7 while there are some limitations in other hosting sites just like GoDaddy as it though guarantees you to give 24/7 support but fails to provide it. You’ll only get the support from Monday to Friday and also in some countries like Germany, it only gives you service from 8 am to 8 pm.

Though this chat support sometimes turns disastrous as it also has a ‘Concierge’ department where one can receive automated chats which sometimes left you exhausted. But overall it can be worthful as you’ll receive a quick and detailed response even for your lame doubts.

  • 30 days’ payback Guarantee

Whenever we are dealing with a new platform, we need a back-up where if you are not satisfied with their services, you can easily move out without losing your investment.

NameCheap is a platform that understands this better. It provides you the services with 30 days payback guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can easily step back within 30 days of registering, and will pay you back your whole investment.

But here when the table turns, as fact, you will hardly understand its major loops in its initial stage. This service is eligible only for the first-time Shared Hosting customers and VPS hosting customers.

  • Speed Testing

As per research, the average bounce rate for the pages that load within 2s is 9% which grows up to 38% as soon as it hits 5s. The Average response time 2018 –2019 has been improved from 0.35s – 0.34s. While Fully Loaded Page in 2018- 2019 has been changed from 0.99s- 0.96s. The same goes for Response under load 2018 – 2019 i.e. 0.99s – 1.41s.

Average Response Time


Fully Loaded Page


Response Under Load











1.23s 1.25s
April 0.33s 1.13s


May 0.34s 1.13s


June 0.32s 1.19s




0.97s 1.82s
August 0.45s 1.22s


September 0.32s 0.89s


October 0.37s



November 0.29s 0.87s


As per recent research, its average speed of page loading is  687ms over the past 24 months, and because of this NameCheap is quite low as compared to other hosting sites like A2 Hosting and HostGator Cloud but still is good enough for an affordable hosting site.

  • Free SSL certificate

NameCheap provides you up to 50 free SSL certificates for its initial first year along with its Shared Hosting accounts. Once you buy a Shared Hosting plan, they will provide an add-on domain or subdomain, with additional service of PositiveSSL certificate.

But it’s only for the one who has purchased the new hosting plans. You will be charged once your plans start taking steps. Also, once you install your hosting, it provides HTTPS Redirect which is set up automatically. With every new product purchase except domain renewals, or purchase or renewals of any other SSL certificates, You’ll receive an exclusive PositiveSSL Certificate offer but it’s obviously valid for the first year only, Then restrictions may apply.

For further more features of NameCheap

NameCheap is worth trusting for their cheapest offer as you’ll get 50 MySQL databases which are way more than what the other hosting companies offer on a similar tier.

You can also set up 3 websites on this plan. Many of the base-level hosting plans will only allow you to host a single website. So this is somehow like icing on the cake, if you have several sites, like a business as well as a personal one.

You can easily receive twice-a-week backups, just in case if things slip on the way while updating your new site.

They also provide you up to 50 email addresses but it also depends on your plans.

For the Starter plan, NameCheap web Hosting provides you with 1 mailbox by default and as for its pro plans, you’ll also get 5 mailboxes up to unlimited (as per your plans). It also provides you 30 Mail accounts.

NameCheap Hosting Review
NameCheap 24/7 Chat Service


NameCheap provides you up to 20 GB of storage space with its 1-year plan. Only Stellar Business Plans will provide you Cloud Storage facility with US datacenters. It also provides 50 GB to Unlimited but that completely depends on your selected plans.

The service that offers Unmetered disk space with your Ultimate package, solely intended for your website and not for other storage purposes.

This space must be used by our AUP, particularly paragraph 10.2 as described in its hidden clauses.

What is the best Hosting Company?

Namecheap Vs Godaddy Comparison

The following is the image of NameCheap Web Hosting plan Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting Plan

NameCheap Hosting Review

NameCheap Hosting Review

Is Namecheap Better than GoDaddy?

NameCheap GoDaddy
Domain Cheap Pricing 25% more than NameCheap
Clear and Easier to Navigate Sometimes a bit confusing
Affordable Renewable Price 40% more than NameCheap
Monthly Plans without highly inflated prices The price of monthly plans is 3x more than NameCheap
up to 50 free SSL certificates Only for unlimited Plans or above
30 to unlimited email accounts 1 free Microsoft 365 account for the initial year
Free Site Migration Payable site Migration

Is NameCheap hosting good for WordPress?

NameCheap Hosting Review on its WordPress:

NameCheap domains and their support are no doubt are worth this affordable price but their easyWp managed to host is not up to the mark.

What irked you the most is the abysmal level of support they have for their WordPress customers, and it shows.

The guidelines which are provided by its support staff have the least basic technical knowledge of WordPress which can’t do much other than giving you links to knowledge articles or will help with beginner questions that you can easily get on the google tutorials.

For even slightly more “technical” questions like SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), hosting uptime, ping, etc, they have to escalate to their technical team, which is really underwhelming.

When you had a bug with functionality on any of your plugins, the author advised you about your server issue and to seek help from the hosting provider.

Huh. What was it again, easyWP? Not a server issue?

To be honest, one gets easily attracted to easyWp as the NameCheap tech support and its fascinated advertising of $1 per month.

But for a website, support may be sometimes critical, especially when it’s a server issue. I mean, you can’t go into their data center and see their server settings. So this was somehow our experience where I got to rely on the tech team.

With that said, Namecheap is a good web host, but not for a WordPress website. Many web hosts offer a reliable and affordable WordPress hosting service with just a click for its installation.

We would recommend Cloudways for a better WordPress website.

Is Namecheap Safe and how secure is NameCheap?

NameCheap Hosting Review on its Reliability.

NameCheap Hosting in 2020  is really strict and understandable when it comes to its security service. Though it’s cheap and affordable and just like any other service provider, there are some pros and cons to it.

But it provides you an honest and secure reliable platform to protect your cPannel.

To avoid the files which are located in your hosting account being at hazard, NameCheap provides you an in-built cPanel Virus Scanner to scan your webspace.

Its SSL  certificate is also trustworthy. . NameCheap also provides you a free WhoisGuard subscription with every eligible domain registration or transfer as discussed above which also proves their perspective towards its security.

Do We Recommend You NameCheap?

Let’s have a look at public and experts reviewers. 

NameCheap Hosting Review

NameCheap Hosting Review

NameCheap Hosting Review

NameCheap Hosting Review

NameCheap Hosting Review

Yes, we still do recommend NameCheap Hosting as per our NameCheap Hosting Review, because it’s the most affordable domain registrar but you still have a better option like GoDaddy, Hostinger, or even Cloudways.

NameCheap Hosting Review


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