How to Make Money Online in 2020 Step by Step

How to Make Money Online  in 2020

When we search on google How to make money online fast without any investment then Google will display you hundreds of articles, videos, blog posts informative results that how to make money from the internet there will be a steps to follow how to earn money online doing this,because the internet is crammed with this kind of information.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for easy ways to earn money from the internet with the help of google and everyone wants to make money from Google, Therefore, how to earn money sitting at home from the internet, how to earn money online, etc. In the hope that he will get some Aladdin’s lamp from the internet which will make him rich overnight.

Initially, people start a business on the Internet with this idea. However, this notion is nothing but a blank imagination.

🤔 Most people will ask will we make money from Google or the Internet??

➡️ Then my answer will yes, Absolutely you can earn money online but you have to give them time to make money & you can’t earn money right away.

The methods described here do not guarantee to become rich overnight. Therefore, readers should work with patience and discretion.


“Entrepreneurship (Business on the Internet) is a test of your skills, passion, patience, hard work and common sense along with the necessary skills. One who qualifies in this examination earns a lot of respect and money.”

Powerful ways to make money online from home

The necessary tools and the necessary skills to earn money from the Internet.

There is a way to do any work for which skill has to be learned. Similarly, to do business on the Internet, some tools and skills are required. Which I am talking about below.

  • Computers and laptops
  • Internet connection
  • Smartphone
  • Digital literacy
  • Passion and patience

1.Computers and Laptops: To start an internet business, you will need a computer. You can also buy a laptop if you want to. In the beginning, you can work with a simple computer. After this, upgrade the system if there is some online income.

2.Internet Connection: You have to buy an internet connection to connect to the Internet. For this, you contact the nearest Internet Service Provider (ISPs) and get an internet connection according to your budget by knowing their plan. You can also connect to the Internet through a smartphone. For this, you use a Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering, USB Cable Tethering.

3.Smartphone: Smartphone is a necessity of this digital world. Through this smart device, you will be able to keep in touch with your clients, customers, and colleagues and will be used for publicity on social media. So buy smartphones as per your need and budget. It will also fulfill the internet connection.

You can check the price and features of the smartphone by going online. This will help you to like the right phone.

4.Digital literacy: You will also have to be digitally literate to use the Internet, computers, and smartphones. For this, you will have to learn computer fundamentals, basic knowledge of the internet, digital payment system and knowledge of operating a smartphone.

You will become digital literate by joining CCC Course, Basic Computer Course. If you want, you can also learn to work on computers and the internet through YouTube.Computer Tutorials will available soon on our site that will help.

5.Passion and patience: Your passion will give you the necessary fuel to achieve success on the Internet. you have to give time to get results. If you nurture your passion patiently, then you will definitely succeed.

real ways to make money from home

Working from home is no longer a perk, and instead an expectation. These 7 career fields offer real ways to make money from home.

1.Create a blog
2. Start YouTube channel
3. Write the article
4.Publish and sell eBook
6.Web designing and Development
7.Affiliate marketing

1. How To Make Money Online From Blog

Making money from blogging is the most trusted and tried internet business model. Through these thousands of people are earning a lot. Some popular Indian bloggers and their blogs are named as follows.

Top 5 Famous Bloggers in India

1.Pritam Nagrale (Surejob & Moneyconnexion )
2.Harsh Agarwal (
3.Deepak Kanakraju (
4.Digital Pratik (
5.Amit Mishra (Tryootech & PhonevsMobile)

These are the top most popular blogger in India. There are also thousands of anonymous people who are blogging full time.

What is needed to create a blog?

To create a blog you need the following things.

  1. Content Writing
  2. Niches
  3. Domain Name (Based on your niches)
  4. Good Webhosting
  5. Website Layout

Make Money Online From Blogging .

There are many ways to earn money from the blog.  it will depend on your business sector and skills, which way will be right for you.

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is the easiest and first way to earn money from the blog. Most of the blogs are earning their profits from Google Adsense.
Advertisements: You can earn money by showing advertisements directly on the blog but in this method you need lots of traffic.
Sponsored Content: You can also earn money by writing a blog post promoting a product, company and website and app. For this, you have only written the post, in return for which a certain amount is paid to the blog owner.

These are just a few ways as you spend time in blogging, you will find new ways. So the first thing in the beginning.


2. Start A YouTube Channel To Make Money

YouTube is another best platform to generate good revenue.

Top YouTube channel list who are earning lots of money form YouTube

  • BB ki vines
  • Technical Guruji
  • Ashish Chanchalani
  • Swagger Sharma
  • Amit Badhana 
  • Factezz

All these people are YouTube celebrities and have no less fan following than any Bollywood actor/actress. His channel has millions of subscribers. And their videos are seen daily by millions of people.

If you have a talent in you too, then the YouTube channel can prove to be a good means of earning your name and wealth. the biggest thing is not to spend a single rupees, because there is no charge for starting a YouTube channel.

3. Write Article & Earn Money Online

” Words are Worthy.

These three words are enough to describe the value of writing.

Nowadays, newspapers and magazines have started their own web version. That is why they need new writers. If you too have a passion for writing and have the ability to impress others with your words, then web writing is for you. You can earn money by writing for news websites, magazines.

Also, you can earn both name and money by writing posts for others’ blogs. Here the blog writers are also paid according to the blog post, per word and month.

In the beginning, you will get less money. Once the name is created, you can also take 5 rupees per word. You can apply to many content service websites. And you can start by writing guest posts on the blogs available on your topic.

4. Write & Sell Books Online

You can do this work by taking your web writing one step further. The area you specialize in, that skill is in demand and you feel that you are a writer, then you should definitely do this online business.

Writing and publishing a book on the Internet has become very easy. You do not even need identification. There should be a passion to write and believe in yourself.

Through online services like Amazon Kindle, Notion Press, Pothi, you can write and publish an e-book as well as physical books (paperback, hardcover) and can also create and sell your own blog.

5. Make Money With Freelancing

Freelancing means earning money in exchange for some of your skills. Whatever you are expert in. You can start your freelancing business by providing music, graphics, writing, dance, video editing, web designing, etc.

There are many freelancing marketplaces on the internet, where you can make your own free profile and make your skills and prices available to the people. Some freelancing marketplaces are being named below.

Here the top website of freelancers to generate more money.

  • Fiverr
  • Total
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Witten
  • Simply Hired
  • 99Designs
  • Guru
  • Flexjobs

6. Web Designing & Web Development

You are reading this article through a website. The skill required to design and develop this website is called web designing and web development.

A web designer performs the work of a website and the coding of that design is done by the web developer. If you also have knowledge of languages ​​like HTML, CSS, PHP then you can start this work online. And for this, the funding marketplace will be the most suitable means to start. Apart from this, you can also get initial clients through your network.

7. Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money from home With Affiliate Marketing?

When you search a query on google like “How to make money from home” then you will get millions of result and millions of the results will tell affiliate marketing is the best option to make money.

Selling others’ products for a commission is called affiliate marketing. You can start this work through blogging, labeling. You can recommend buying products related to the topic on your blog.

Affiliate marketing is the main source of income for English speaking personal bloggers. But, Hindi bloggers are also taking great advantage of this.

The Conclusion

I hope you have liked this article, in this blog, I have told you some ways that you can earn a lot and I would like to tell you that whatever work you will do, it will take time, it is not that you started today and tomorrow you will rich. You have to work hard to get money from this

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