Best Way To Increase Website Traffic Using SEO

Do you want to increase website traffic free? As many blogs and website owners thought we create a Blog and live it after Automatically generate traffic and money But in real case it doesn’t happen. Today everyone knows how online business is growing. That’s why everyone thinks that more money can be made online as soon as possible by creating a blog and website. But it is wrong to think like that.

Any blog has to wait for a long time to become a hit Because it will definitely take time to bring visitors to the site. Visits and visitors to the site are two different things. A single person can visit 1000 pages of your blog. Therefore, visitors and visits cannot be merged.

7 ways to increase website traffic fast free

get traffic to your website

1. Use Long tail keyword to increase website traffic.
2. Keep writing regular posts to increase Blog and Website Traffic.
3. Submit posts to other popular blogs for more website traffic.
4. Referral traffic very useful.
5. Invest in promoting your blog and website.
6. To appoint a guest post writer.
7. Always take care of your followers

How to increase website traffic through google

To Increase website traffic through google these are 7 Confirmed Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website … The very best topics strike a balance between high traffic potential, low competition, and high business value. believe me, these are amazing top 7 ways to increase website traffic fast.

1. Use a long-tail  keyword to increase website traffic

The reason for any blog appearing in search results more often is “long tail keyword“, Because links with more than 70% of search results are long-tail keywords.

The search engine with the short tail keyword is rarely searched because we know that it does not generate search results.

That’s why we or you search in search engines by writing an entire question. Suppose I want to know about drive more traffic so I will search  “how to increase website traffic organically??”. In this query “increase website traffic organically” became a long tail keyword because in this query have also a keyword that keyword is  “increase website traffic organically” so it will help to rank you easily and help to drive to your website.

For any website or blog organic traffic is more important .this organic traffic is natural and very durable. This traffic proves very helpful in making the website bigger.

✅Keywords made up of more than 3 words are called “long-tail keywords”. Like, “top traffic blog”. Long-tail keywords are very helpful in answering any question because long term keywords help search engines to understand the content of a post. Using the long tail keyword increases the chance of your website appearing on the search results page.

✅A long-tail keyword is also able to increase lots of organic traffic in place of the short tail keyword on your post. With this method, your conversions such as sales or signups can be increased too much.

✅Long-tail keywords are used only to bring targeted traffic in place of a very mass audience. In other words, they are quite specific and are good in cases like conversions in the long term.

There is also less competition between them. By using them, you can easily rank your articles higher in the search engine & help to get high-quality traffic. By using them directly, you get a lot of benefits.

2. Keep writing regular posts to get traffic on your website

Website or Blog haven’t enough post, then traffic will not increase. After 10 or 20 posts not enough to grow traffic .you have to publish more posts or content on your blog.

Research by HubSpot has revealed that the website on which at least 16 posts are written in a month, and the blog is kept updated. The traffic of that site gradually increases. But the blog on which the content is not regularly updated, or new posts are not written. So it is very difficult to get traffic or new visitors on that type of website. Google also likes a site whose content and posts are always updated.

Even if you write a new post every day, it can take months for your site to get hit and get new visitors and more website traffic. Even if you write posts every day, it can take months to write 400 to 500 posts. If you have at least 400 good quality posts on your blog, then Blog and Website Traffic can be better.

3. Submit Posts to other popular blogs for more website traffic

At the beginning of blogging, it is very difficult for any blogger to get new readers and subscribers. Because content is very less in a new blog, and search engines may also take some time to learn the reputations of your site.

If a blog is already very hit and thousands of website traffic comes on it in a day, then by writing your content on such site you can bring a lot of traffic and can also make your blog and website a hit. Because of more website traffic, people also know about you and also become familiar with your blogging site.

Therefore, as a guest post, you can drive traffic to your website by submitting a post on a good and popular blog.

4. Referral traffic very useful to get traffic fast

Referral traffic to your blog and website cannot be increased by writing publishing only posts on other blogs. Popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram is also very helpful in increasing referral traffic. Therefore we cannot make our site popular except social networking sites, they must be used. Because all these sites help in increasing the organic traffic of any website.

So keep promoting your blog and website regularly by creating your account and business page on the main social networking sites. This will not only promote the website but will also increase the referral traffic and organic search rapidly.

5. Invest in promoting to your blog  & traffic

We are not able to know easily about any new blog and website, because your website is new and no one knows about your blog or website so you have to invest yourself and invest your blog promotion you have to publish great content to get “ROI (Return of investment)” of your investments so always publish great content and users can understand that blog.

Grow your website or blog marketing or investment is the best option you can start you investing a minimum of 40 rs. Always start investing in Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

It will be beneficial that people will be able to know more about that blog or site, which will be very beneficial for our website traffic. So with a small cost, we can boost any post on our blog on Facebook.

6. Guest writing to get traffic on blog

By the way, we can increase our website traffic and readers by writing posts for a famous blog. In the same way, we can make popular our website by posting the content of another writer on our site as well.Guest writer means another blogger sent your content as specific niches and they will request you give him backlinks for his website so you will publish his content  (if content will be Good) and you will give his website links on that content its called Guest writing.

The biggest advantage of having a guest writer is that he shares the post on his social sites and any other network, thereby promoting your site and the reader goes on reading. At the same time, you can again ask a new person to write a guest post on your blog.

7. Always take care of  your followers or subscribers

Even your website followers or subscribers increase you have to maintain your website to quickly grow on google, As I mentioned above, new posts on your site have to be updated regularly, as search engines like to rank the same sites whose content is always updated and fresh.

You can get a top position in the true engine by adding any new and good information, by adding attractive photos, videos, etc. to the topic, improving the speed of your site, promoting your blog and website on social media.

If there is valuable information on your site, then it will be read by the people, it will be shared, even better, people will also tell their friends about it, which will increase the awareness of Blog and Website. The benefit of all this will be that it will help in maintaining website traffic. Therefore, write quality posts that people like very much, keeping in mind your followers.

 Important  Most Useful Things To Rank Your Website Fast & Help To Increase Traffic On Website

  • Always choose a good title of the post, because the title of the post is more important than the content of the post. Because it is the first read by people.
  • It is good to have little interest in every subject. Such as sports, gadgets, technology, travel, etc. But first, it is important to know about your blog.
  • Do you have to decide who your target audience is? What do they want to study? According to them, you will have to write blog content.
  • Many people like to watch videos, so if there are videos on your site. So this will increase website traffic.
  • Must add internal and external links to your blog and website, because search engines love such links. Also, if you are mentioning another site or company, then definitely add a link to it. Because through this link, that company can also know your post and can link back to you.
  • Share your old post again, because it happens many times, it is not seen or missed by most people. On sharing the post again, the chance of people reading it again and sharing becomes more, which is beneficial for our website traffic. The reader is not concerned about when your blog was posted.
  • Be Update


How long does it take for a new website to get traffic ?

The average time it takes for a new blog to get traction in the search engines is around 3 to 6 months. This is assuming that you’re publishing high-quality content consistently, and you’re out there building backlinks to those articles.

Will SEO is best to get high quality traffic?

SEO is difficult at first but when you learn the algorithmic policies by Google. you can rank up your website in no time. Just stay tuned for algorithm updates from Google and its new policies. SEO takes time and patience.

The conclusion

Creating a blog and website is very easy, but increasing website traffic is not easy but not hard. With quality content, Proper  SEO, content marketing, backlinking, promotion, etc. you can make your site a high traffic site and a top-ranked blog.

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