Chartered Bike Rent , Deposit Amount , Refund & Price List

If Chartered Bike Service has been started in your Smart City, then there is a Chartered Bike Station in and around you, then how can you take Chartered Bike on Rent and what is the process to take it. In today’s Amazing Blog, I am going to give you information about Chartered Bike Rent, Chartered Bike Price, Chartered Bike Deposit Amount, Chartered Bike Refund and much more.

Like Chartered Bike service is available in my Surat Smart City, so where is the station and what is my Personal Experience and how can you check for your city and where is the Chartered Bike station, let’s start.

How to Rent a Chartered bike?

To take Chartered Bike Rent, you will have to go to your nearest station, after that you will have to download the application provided by Chartered Bike Private Limited, if you are an Android user, then you can install it from Playstore and if you are an iPhone user then you can install it from Apple App Store. You can easily download from there, after that you will have to create an account there, after the account is created, you will have to deposit some amount there, after that you can take a chartered bike on rent, just you have to follow this easy method. Read More

How to Rent Chartered Bike from Android Smartphone Step by Step ?

Chartered Bike Deposit Amount

After creating an account in Chartered Bike, you have to deposit Rs 300 in Chartered Bike, as soon as you add Amount in the App of the chartered bike, in the same way you will be able to take any cycle for rent, then you can use this service. Rent Chartered Bike from Android Smartphone Step by Step

Chartered Bike Deposit Amount

By opening the Chartered Bike Application, you will have to scan the QR Code on the top of the cycle, that will unlock the bike, then you can enjoy the ride, after that you can put it back at your nearest station.

Chartered Bike Price List

TimeUsage fees (Rs.)
First 30 min0
Till 60 min5
Till 120 min10
2 hrs – 3 hrs25
3 hrs – 4 hrs50
4 hrs – 6 hrs100
6 hrs – 8 hrs200
> 8 hrs350

How to Take Refund From Chartered Bike ?

Many people want to take Refund of Deposit Amount after using Chartered Bike, but some people do not know how to take Refund from Chartered Bike?

I would like to tell you when you deposit, then your account gets activated but when you think for Refund, that means you will have to completely close your account for Refund, you have to just follow simple below step to refund

Step to take refund from chartered bike

  1. Send A Mail On with your regsiter Email-Id For Refund

Refund Mail For Chartered Bike Support Team

Subject : Refund Request

Compose Email : Dear Chartered Bike Team I want to close my account permanently and I am requesting for refund that amount which I have deposit to activate my account. I have shared my register mobile number with you

Chartered Bike Regsiter Mobille : +916388******

Thank you.

2. Call to customer support and request for refund

Call to customer support chartered bike

3. WhatsApp Chartered Bike and request for refund

WhatsApp Chartered Bike and request for refund

Chartered Bike Available Cities List

Chartered Bike has started its service only for Smart Cities, only 4 cities are involved in it, but after some time Chartered Bike will start in other cities and people will be able to enjoy it.

In which city Chartered Bike service is Active?

  1. Surat Smart City
  2. Bhopal Smart City
  3. Ranchi Smart City
  4. Kolkata Smart City

Chartered Bike is providing its service in these 4 cities.

How To Find Chartered Bike Stations?

The services of Chartered Bike are only for 4 cities now, so if you live in Surat, Bhopal, Ranchi or Kolkata then you can easily find the stations.

You will have to go to the official website of Chartered Bike and choose your city, after that you can see the stations near your city.

Find Chartered Bike Stations

You can see that you have to select the city as you choose, you will see the Stations Map in the menu, you can click on it and see the list of stations.

Chartered Bike Stations List In Surat

My Personal Experience Chartered Bike

5 months ago my friend told me about Chartered Bike, after that I took it on Chartered Bike Rent at least 50-60 times and I really enjoyed running it , but due to Corona this service has been stopped, then few days after it started his service again I took the bike on rent again but there was a lots of problem while renting, the system was taking a lots of load, the reason for this is suddenly increasing the number of users, but I had a problem with this only once, a few days ago I rented bike , when I was returning, the bike did not seem to be locked, I tried a lot, in the end the support team of Chartered Bike helped me and solved the problem.

Chartered Team is working to make it very good, if I give rating then I will give it 4.5/5.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Lastly, the service of Chartered Bike is very good and I would recommend you to use it if it is available in your city.

Chartered Bike FAQ

What is Chartered Bike Share Scheme?

Chartered Bike is a public bike share scheme.
Bikes make getting around cities easy and fun, without having to worry about traffic or parking. The scheme will be operated by Chartered Bike Private Limited, which has experience in managing bike share schemes across 4 cities in India.
You can hire a bike from any chartered bike docking station and return it to any of the official docking stations in your city.

How many chartered bikes can I rent from One Account ?

With one chartered account you can rent only 2 bike you can’t rent more than 2 .

From where I can rent chartered bike in smart city ?

You can visit your nearest chartered bike stations and see there available bikes and choose a bike which is suitable for you complete you process from smartphone then unlock it and ride it
The Chartered Bike App also shows the location and availability of all docking stations.

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